Cool Reception


Lauder Common Riding Day 2010

This is a video clip on the Lauder Common Riding Day on 7th August 2010 in the park at Lauder. The weather wasn’t to good when we arrived but we set up, the sun came out, the crowd came in and we done our thang! (we even got to gig[…]

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Gig in the Garden

This is a video clip from one of our renowned “Gig in the Garden” days which takes place in Wendy one of our lead singer’s back garden. It’s just a fun day with the band, the BBQ and loads of friends and family but we unfortunately always have to try[…]

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Wedding Reception in the Scottish Borders!

Here is a video clip of the band performing a Dashing White Sergeant at a recent wedding reception in Springwood Hall near Kelso in the Scottish Borders. As you will see in the video the band are very flexible with the selection of music we provide and everyone is having[…]

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Promo Video Clip

This is a short selection of songs from a corporate promotional DVD the band had commissioned in 2005. The clips were filmed on a typical Saturday evening at a gig in the Maltman Pub on Renfield Street in Glasgow city centre. You may recognise the voice over for the DVD[…]

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