Cool Reception


Cool Reception are the ultimate all-round Function and Dance band

dances_11Dances and Balls

Over the last 20 plus years Cool Reception have entertained guests at almost every type of function and our experience shows when it comes to playing to a mixed aged audience.

  • Presentation Dances
  • Graduation & Celebration Balls
  • Christmas & Hogmanay Dances
  • University, College and School Dances
  • Corporate Dinner Dances
  • Supporter Club Dances
  • Social Club Dances
  • Masonic Dances


We will provide ceilidh dancing with caller as well as all other styles of music from big band to rock and pop. So if you are planning or organising a dance or ball please get in touch with us.

dances_21Charity Events

Please get in touch if you are looking for an experienced professional band for your fund-raiser.

Where ever possible Cool Reception will normally offer a discount to genuine charity and fund raising events compared with our normal fee.

Call 01875 613634 or use our contact form.